What We Do

We are a global and national facilitator that helps optimize resources and efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by enabling effective collaboration with the broader ecosystem.

We are an online collaboration platform that provides access to information on what partners are doing, real-time data on relevant SDGs, and events and solutions that funders and others are supporting. We add curated, targeted information every week, with a growing, connected audience.

The platform is led by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and WINGS, and supported by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Ford Foundation, Brach Family Charitable Foundation, and UN Foundation.

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We Seek To

Educate Connect Catalyze

EDUCATE by expanding awareness and knowledge of the SDGs and how to leverage them; providing learning opportunities on the SDGs by mapping out SDG ecosystems to show who is doing what, and where, and how they are collaborating.

CONNECT by increasing engagement among stakeholders to multiply their impact and advance the SDGs; helping to create local philanthropic networks, multi-stakeholder partnerships and enabling a legal environment for philanthropic investments.

CATALYZE by facilitating new types of collaboration and investment in promising transformative solutions among philanthropy, businesses, the UN, governments and broader civil society; identifying SDG accelerators and testing innovative solutions for upscaling.

How We Work: Collaborative Pathways


SDG Philanthropy Platform developed a flagship approach called “collaborative pathways” – routes to achieving and accelerating sustainable impact on one or more SDGs that is created collectively by different institutions and sectors within a country.

I. Mapping the SDG Ecosystem and Philanthropy

Conducting a landscaping exercise to find key navigation and entry points to an SDG Ecosystem by understanding national priorities, policies, stakeholders, processes, and challenges to be tackled.

II. Convening and Connecting

Reaching out to the broader philanthropy sector to raise awareness of ongoing SDG processes and create multi-stakeholder collaboration on SDGs.

III. Defining Collective Outcomes and Interventions 

Facilitating Design/System-Thinking workshops with all stakeholders to co-create a shared vision of success, identify accelerators and bottlenecks, analyze dynamics and agree on joint interventions.

IV. Sourcing Innovative Solutions

Setting up and running Innovation Challenges to find small organizations with promising innovative solutions which can be scaled (generally) through collaboration with governments as well as funders.

V. Learning and Iterating

Documenting and sharing approaches, best practices, challenges, and lessons learned to enhance capacities of local foundations for greater engagement in the SDG implementation.


Where We Work

SDGPP has established pathways to engage philanthropy in the national SDG planning and implementation in 8 pilot countries, namely Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, the USA and Zambia, and is seeking to expand to many others.

Where We Work

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