CAF Report: Russia Giving 2019

Content Manager • 24 June 2019

      This annual study into the charitable giving by millions of people across Russia again shows a high level of interest in supporting causes of all kinds. Half of the population give money to charities and one in six Russians volunteer their time and their skills. It also shows that people are actively engaged in other forms of civic action which is also very valuable.

      It was nice to see how respondents answered the question on the impact of charities on their local community, the country and the world as a whole. Half of people see this impact as positive, and almost no one thinks of it as negative. These figures suggest that there is a growing public awareness of the work NGOs do and we hope represent increasing loyalty to causes, and growing trust in charities.

      The report introduced the following key findings:

  • Around half of the people in Russia think that charities have a positive influence both on the country as a whole and on their own local community. Women in particular are likely to say the see a positive impact.
  • Fewer people in the 2018 survey report taking part in charitable activity during the last 12 months (61%, down from 67% in 2017).
  • Around half (49%) of people surveyed gave money in the last 12 months, either by donating to a charity, by giving to a church/religious organisation, or by sponsoring someone. This is slightly lower than the level in 2017, when we reported that 53% had done so.
  • Supporting children remains the most popular cause to donate to in Russia (57%).
  • The typical amount donated or sponsored in the past 12 months is 2,000 rubles and the most popular method of donation is giving cash (44%).
  • Women are more likely to have made a donation than men in the last 12 months (54% of women vs. 43% of men).
  • One in six (17%) people have volunteered in the last 12 months, with supporting children remaining the most popular cause (33%).
  • Younger Russians (18-24 year olds) remain more likely to volunteer than their older counterparts.

      The Russia Giving 2019 report is one of an international series, produced across the CAF Global Alliance, a world-leading network of organisations working at the forefront of philanthropy and civil society. The series also includes reports covering Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, India, South Africa, the United States, and the UK.

For more information, please see the full report attached below. 

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