Connecting Community Foundations with SDGS

Content Manager • 4 May 2020

      The European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI) has been committed to raising awareness of the relevance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among community foundations. It has been a thread running through all our work – as a topic on the agenda of peer learning activities, in presentations and conferences, in research and in communications. It has become evident that there remains scepticism and indeed resistance in the field to embrace the SDGs, coming from a feeling that they are either far removed from the daily work of community foundations or that the potential for impact on such high level issues is so limited.


      This report seeks to demonstrate that the work of all community foundations is highly relevant to the SDGs and that by adopting a 'whole-of-organization approach' which takes into consideration mission, investment, strategies and programmes, communications and operations, there is scope to use the framework to enhance their role, credibility and effectiveness as catalysts for change. This can attract partners and funding, can motivate staff, board members and volunteers and can consolidate the position of the community foundation in its locality.


For more information, please see the full report attached below. 

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