Zambian Governance Foundation: #IamADonorToo

Content Manager
Event date 15 Mar '19
Event location Zambia

      In a bid to deepen the discussions about local philanthropy with different actors in Zambia, the Zambian Governance Foundation is set to host a roundtable event dubbed #IamADonorToo on the 15th of March 2019. The event aims to bring the topic of local philanthropy to the fore in an environment where civil society actors are still grappling with the question of how to sustain their operations in view of dwindling foreign donor aid and their future roles in this fast changing environment.

      “We want to begin to inspire a new kind of conversation and coordination among local non-profits and other development actors so as to foster a culture of giving for local development. Every giver, no matter how large or small the contribution, plays a vital role in aiding development hence #IamADonorToo hashtag,” says ZGF's deputy CEO, Maurice Nyambe.

      Last year, ZGF launched its philanthropy journey and established an endowment fund targeted at helping communities to utilise local resources in defining and prioritising their areas of development. In its pilot project, ZGF has been working with a community in Rufunsa District of Lusaka Province. 

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Photo credit: UN