Overcoming Communication during COVID-19

Content Manager • 11 June 2020

      To overcome the COVID-19 outbreak, it requires good communication and coordination between philanthropic institutions in Indonesia. The COVID-19 Response website, www.covid19filantropi.id, was launched to accelerate the collaboration. 

    Facing the COVID-19 outbreak, the role of philanthropy is needed to help Indonesia recover quickly and get back on its feet. Some non-profit organizations and corporations have begun to contribute to helping the most vulnerable groups in facing these challenging times. 

   However, according to Suzanty Sitorus, Secretary of Filantropi Indonesia Executive Board, philanthropic activities for handling COVID-19 are different from previous disasters. Not only is it very risky to health, it also has a wide-ranging impact on all areas of life. Philanthropy actors cannot freely work amid this perilous and highly dangerous virus outbreak. Not to mention the limitation of citizens' activities and the threat of a global-scale economic recession. 

   Therefore, new approaches and strategies are needed for philanthropic activities during the COVID-19 outbreak. One of them is using more digital platforms. Although Filantropi Indonesia already has its own official website, the organization feels the need to launch a special website related to COVID-19 Philanthropy Response. 

      Philanthropy Response COVID-19 is an initiative that was born from a meeting between Filantropi Indonesia and its members and partners on April 2, 2020. This meeting produced a joint commitment to strengthen coordination and synergy more effectively between philanthropic organizations and government, and other sectors in supporting the fight against COVID-19 pandemic and its social impact in Indonesia. 

      "We need a communication medium that can play a role as a marketplace and connect the support from donors with the needs of the community. Therefore, we work with members and partners to build this website for the public to access. This online site in general, contains the latest data and developments from philanthropic initiatives to help the government and society amid the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia," Suzanty added. 

     The COVID-19 Philanthropy Response website was launched Friday afternoon, May 16, 2020, in Jakarta at the opening of the second Philanthropy Learning Forum online. It was a public discussion on the topic "Questioning Ethics and Accountability for COVID-19 Assistance", which presented experienced speakers: Alfatih Timur (CEO of Kitabisa), Josephine Satyono (IGCN Executive Director), Ani Iriani (PPSDB Ministry of Social Affairs), and Tomy Hendrajati (Chair of Filantropi Indonesia Code of Ethics Development Task Force). 

     At the launch of the COVID-19 Philanthropy Response website, Suzanty Sitorus, states that this website was developed to become a media for communication and coordination of all philanthropy actors in helping to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and overcome its social impact. She hopes that the COVID-19 Philanthropy Response website can enhance communication as well as coordination.

The content was originally posted on filantropi.or.id

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