SDG Philanthropy Platform Evaluation Report 2017

Content Manager • 12 January 2018

In July 2017, the SDG Philanthropy Platform went through an evaluation by Jane Reisman, Pat Vinh-Thomas, and Haley Millet. Overall, the evaluation concluded that thanks to the Platform’s efforts, important changes had taken place in the pilot countries and globally, and in particular, that the philanthropy had gained an unprecedented seat at the table to equally participate the major development processes. At the same time, the evaluation identified the challenges encountered — some of which may be readily addressed through adjustments in scale, sector, incentives, or funding arrangement, whereas the others, such as structural issues and trust among critical partnerships, may require more substantive changes in management, design, or governance of the initiative.

Download the Strategic Brief of the SDG Philanthropy Platform’s evaluation below.

Photo credit: myri_bonnie