The 2019 Indonesia Zakat Outlook

Content Manager • 9 July 2019

      Poverty alleviation remains the primary focus of social issues in Indonesia. Meanwhile, zakat, as an Islamic economic instrument, has become an alternate solution in mitigating poverty in Indonesia. Zakat management is continuously progressing so as to cope and undertake different existing social issues following the continually evolved conditions, while simultaneously maintaining its underlying values that are derived from Islamic precepts.  

      BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies (Puskas BAZNAS) officially launched the third Indonesian Zakat Outlook for the year 2019. With the aim of enhancing the potential of zakat management in Indonesia, Puskas BAZNAS provides various information, reports, and national zakat management forecasts that are expected to become a reference and source of information for Indonesian zakat’s stakeholders.

    Indonesia Zakat Outlook 2019 captures the latest development of zakat management, including technological utilization especially financial technology in zakat payment. The current topics surrounding zakat management is discussed thoroughly in this book, including the provision of zakat report throughout 2017 and the zakat management projection in 2019.


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