Zambia: A Small Rural Health Center with Big Impact

Amy Fedele • 1 August 2018

Because of Sr. Constancia, an isolated community plagued with HIV cases now has access to basic healthcare

1.2 million people in Zambia, Africa are currently living with HIV.

In an isolated community in Kazungula in Northern Zambia, more than 1200 residents do not have access to medical care. Sr. Constancia is committed to bringing health services to these people through her leadership at the Makunka Rural Health Centre.

She leads a small team of 15 untrained employees to provide health screenings, treatments and educational programs to this community.

“I feel that the services for this facility improved a lot more than they did before [SLDI training]... I am able to do a lot of activities to connect with people...and I am able to make an impact on other people’s lives.”

With the knowledge she gained from her ASEC education, Sr. Constancia is able to better budget the clinic’s finances and increase Makunka’s resources. As a result, Sr. Constancia has expanded the clinic’s services with more medical outreach posts and HIV testing initiatives.

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The skills learned in the SLDI program by religious sisters, just like Sr. Constancia, are being put into practice every day and benefit communities across Africa. You can invest in better healthcare for rural underdeveloped areas of Africa by donating to a sister’s education today.