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About Us


Educate Global is a fund management company founded in September 2015, set up to focus on small and medium-sized businesses with an initial focus on East Africa.

Educate Global is launching a new fund, the Educate Global Fund 1, with a target fund size of $60 million to invest in small & medium-sized businesses in sectors which directly impact to educational outcomes for children and youth, including nutrition, health, sanitation, energy and technology. The fund will focus primarily on opportunities in the East African region (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Djibouti) and seeks to take advantage of the attractive growth profile of these countries and the enhanced demand for capital relative to the limited financing resources in the region, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses.

Educate Global intends to improve whole-of-life prospects for children in low-income countries and vulnerable communities (such as refugee camps, internally-displaced groups, informal settlements, and rural areas), thereby accelerating economic development where it’s most needed.


The Fund’s primary impact objectives at the core of its mandate are

  • At least 5 million children and youth in East Africa benefiting from access to affordable goods and services with an explicit and direct measurable impact on educational outcomes and from access to new opportunities as future employees or producers;

  • Investments in 8-10 enterprises in East Africa with measurable positive externalities (e.g. increased employment, production capacity, development of local value chains and markets); and

  • Encouraging additional private capital invested in the education sector through well-managed exits (e.g. follow-on capital via larger PE funds or strategic acquisitions).

Impact Achieved

The Fund intends to target healthy commercial returns to investors, while also aiming to build significant strategic and intangible assets and plans to deliver against other key performance indicators in order such as:

  • Follow-on commercial capital on exits;

  • Quality management team;

  • Good corporate governance;

  • Strong accounting and financial controls;

  • Operational and IT excellence;

  • Increased employment within local communities (especially youth and vulnerable groups);

  • Increased production capacity; and

  • Development of local value chains and markets.