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About Us


Who we are

A strategically coordinated voice for philanthropy in national discourse on development (Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), AU Agenda 2063 and other national priorities).

What we do

  • Promoting the policy interest of foundations and impact investors;

  • Fostering proactive dialogues with government to ensure foundations have a seat at the policy table;

  • A platform for building partnerships to spur greater collective impact of social interventions;

  • Knowledge building to enhance the capacity and effective delivery of social interventions

Contact Us

B549/8 Dadeban road | North Industrial Area | Accra | Ghana

Member Foundations

  • Beige Foundation
  • Fidelity Bank
  • PwC
  • UMB Foundation
  • Cosmos
  • Mondelez
  • MTN Foundation
  • African Women Development Fund (AWDF)


  • Mobilize local funding to invest in growing sustainable social enterprises and NGOs that can solve pertinent social problems in Ghana;

  • Attract matching foreign funding - especially from impact investors - to help these organizations expand further;

  • Build a pipeline of new organizations who could be candidates for growth funding;

  • Create a strategic approach to philanthropy and other forms of philanthropic giving and impact investing in Ghana and structure organizational partnerships in a mutually beneficial manner;

  • Support and incentivize Ghana’s private sector to have an impact on the attainment of the SDGs.

Mission / Vision

PIING mission is to provide a coordinated voice for philanthropists and impact investors to engage with government and shape existing forms of philanthropy to support social development, as well as build the capacity of local philanthropists.

PHIING vision is to see a country where philanthropy and impact investing contribute significantly to national development, Sustainable Development Goals, AU Agenda 2063, and other globally determined universal goals.

Support Organizations

  • SDG Philanthropy Platform, UNDP Ghana

  • Social Enterprise Ghana

  • Reach for Change

What PHIING is not

  • It is not a fundraising platform for non-profits

  • The Network is not a direct implementer of social programmes in communities (that is the preserve of its members)