Catalyzing Innovation on ECD

Content Manager • 14 September 2017

Two social innovators – Kuza and Educate Global Fund (EGF)– have received grant awards totaling $80,000 to implement initiatives that boost SDG impacts for ECD in Kenya, aligned with 4 intervention pathways to accelerate ECD in Kenya: supporting caregivers in receiving and understanding the latest science in ECD, identifying and unblocking information, and designing and testing demand driven business models for ECD.

The Catalytic Fund is a mechanism to source cutting edge innovations from a variety of sources, including NGOs, community-based organizations, social enterprises, individuals, and businesses. The instrument, widely used in the private sector, is increasingly used as an accelerator for international development. SDG Philanthropy Platform launched the innovation challenge to complement the efforts of government in supporting ECD. A steering committee of development experts selected these 2 prize winners who had high impact, and truly innovative development initiatives.