Poverty Alleviation Through Skills Training Programme


iRaisers was created solely out of the passion to raise everyone without exception, achieve a better life with financial freedom.

The level of poverty resulting from lack of employment, poor housing, inadequate health care provisions, dearth of essential infrastructure such as roads, electricity, that could induce investments that would create job opportunities.

A group envisions a world where all people can enjoy a life free of barriers to their full participation in the society. Where everyone can realize their potential and actualize their dreams.

To spread our services to the world at large without limits, we decided to form an empowerment based membership program, with the objective of reducing the rate of unemployment, change lives by looking into what you can do, instruct you and get you moving, thereby helping to achieve your dream(s). We empower people that are constrained financially in their interest areas of business and we specialize in supporting and helping people achieve “Their Dream”.

Financial freedom is when one has enough finance to buy or pay for anything he/she wants at any time. We also help the less privileged by empowering them in different ways until they can stand back on their feet again. 

iRaisers is not a pyramid scheme, here everyone has the same opportunity of making their dreams become a reality, and everyone wins.

There are a lot of predictions of economic meltdown in the closest future, when this happens unfortunately, members of iRaisers MUST NOT BE AFFECTED because they will have a lot of finance and empowerment to hold on.

iRaisers also automatically becomes members of International and National Investment Fund Group and Germany Angel Investment Association.

iRaisers provides a specialized service that improves the life of our members and non-members (less privileged, widows and the needy) we support and help people achieve “The Good Life”.

iRaisers main concern is to cater for our members and the less privileged. To improve the well being of our members in the society and we affect lives of others through our members.

Those who join us, will experience true love and a hand of friendship that gives you the real care that you deserve and empowers you and the people around you.

We believe in our members and we like to affect the lives of others through them since they are closer.

We have certified, seasoned and motivated trainers ready to travel anywhere to change lives positively.

This is a reality; it has been working without limits.


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Photo credit: UNAMID