Towards Universal Safe, Affordable Water in Ghana

Natalya Pyagay • 13 January 2018

On Thursday March 23, 2017, the SDG Philanthropy Platform hosted a daylong Design-Thinking Workshop in Accra, Ghana. The objective was to convene a cross-section of prominent water-sector actors from across Ghana to consider a strong commitment to systems thinking and to find collaborative pathways for interventions in the water sector that are:

• Inclusive
• Innovative
• Intersectional with other SDGs

Up to 40 participants representing almost 30 unique sector employers produced seven
distinct opportunity areas as provocations for sector funding. The topical areas of the
collaboratively designed Opportunity Pathways, in order of participant preference are:

• Finance: A Water Fund
• Water Quality: Community Participatory Monitoring
• Mind-Set: A Mentoring Program
• Business Model: Clean-Energy Small-Enterprise Investment
• Technology: Smart Business Cases
• Inclusion: Cluster Targeting within Market Segmentation
• Leadership: Central Policy Accountability for Local Leadership Initiatives