How to Engage with the SDGs?

Are you ready to engage with the SDGs? Join our global network to explore our SDG Toolkit!

Founding Partner

Foundations and organizations that would like to make a valuable investment in the SDGPP and support its mission. 

Collaborating Partner

Philanthropic associations and other membership organizations worldwide promoting the SDGs among their members. 

Learning Partners

Those who are looking for a learning opportunity to be ready to work towards the SDGs.


We offer monthly webinars, discussions, and FREE consultations with our Country Advisors, partners and experts to help you understand the SDGs, and how applying the framework can help you enhance your impact and connect with the global development.


Already involved with the SDGs - tell us about it! Post your initiatives and tell us about the impact you are making. We curate and highlight the most interesting cases on the prominent places of the website, social media handles to improve your organization's online visibility.


Find partners to get inspiration and collaborate to create a larger impact. We will match and connect initiatives that might be similar to other initiatives worldwide so that they are able to learn from them and also reach out to potential partners and create synergies.

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