UPDATE: Home-Cooked Meals for COVID-19 Workers in Indonesia

Amanda Niode • 22 July 2021


Indonesia is a nation of givers, where people always help others in need. Evidently, the 2021 World Giving Index, the largest survey of charitable acts over the past 10 years, places Indonesia as the most generous country in the world.


Family kitchen
Family kitchen


During disasters, many families in Indonesia generously donate funds and provide their kitchen spaces for humanity.  The scale of their activities, despite having the same mission, is different from public kitchens that are set up temporarily to respond to disasters. A public kitchen is usually bigger, with more complete equipment, and has fixed procedures and a standard operating procedure. In one day, for example, such kitchen is able to prepare thousands of food servings.



When the pandemic broke out, the Omar Niode Foundation initiated "Untuk Indonesia" movement to raise in kind and in cash contribution. It then distributed home-cooked meals, drinks and snacks for medical workers and volunteers at the forefront.


Health Workers Covid Bodies
Health workers taking care of Covid-19 bodies sometimes have no time to eat


To fundraise, cook and help with logistics, “Untuk Indonesia” is mobilized by three professionals, including a Bank Commissioner and Co-founder of WomanpreneurCommunity with a network of 15,000 female small and medium entrepreneurs across Indonesia;  a restaurant owner who has extensive working experience in a number of top banks; and an environmental specialist and chairperson of  a non-profit organization that works to raise awareness of Indonesian culture and culinary arts both at home and abroad.


Vegetable vendor
Vegetable vendor


There are several drivers that inspire this program. First, concerns about the high risk faced by health workers, requiring excellent stamina. Second, the desire to help small businesses, by buying as many raw materials as possible from traditional vendors and providing jobs to culinary business owners. Third, invite others to be more empathetic. Fourth "Giving Without Forgetting Nature."

Giving Without Forgetting Nature, reminds us that in raising funds and caring for others, we must still pay attention to nature because human life depends on it.

During the pandemic, the use of single-use plastics at the global level is increasing. The International Finance Corporation stated that dependence on single-use plastics, which previously decreased, is now increasing due to the increased use of plastics for gloves, masks, disinfectant and sanitizer bottles, as well as packaging materials, especially since shopping patterns are now generally online.

No waste
No waste vegetables


What are some examples of Giving Without Forgetting Nature? In providing food and drinks for health workers, "Untuk Indonesia" kitchen strives to minimize food waste. Fresh herbs are washed, and immediately blended without peeling. Vegetables roots, skins and other parts are not removed. They are cleaned, soaked in salt water, rinsed, sliced, seasoned and cooked.

In addition, lunch boxes used environmentally friendly and can be decomposed in nature. Food delivery does not use single-use plastic bags. In terms of transportation, the kitchen points are selected to be close to the destined hospitals, making it more energy efficient.


Meal Boxes



Meal Boxes

The menu changes every day. In one day it can be spiced chicken, tofu, salad, and fruit juice. Another day, fish with chili pepper, stir-fried vegetables, omelet, and coconut water. Sometimes also beef with soy sauce, cabbage, scrambled eggs and milk.


Volunteers preparing snacks



Assorted breads, chocolate milk biscuits, strawberry rolls, oat cookies, mango buns.




Last year, through generous donations, from March to December 2020, “Untuk Indonesia” prepared and distributed 50,000 meal boxes, snacks, and drinks to 20 hospitals and volunteers in Jakarta and its vicinity, as well as in Semarang.

With the recent spike of Covid-19 cases with increasing deaths among communities, health workers, and volunteers, “Untuk Indonesia” reactivated its activities in providing food distributed to hospitals and health centers.


chicken in coconut
Chicken in Coconut Sauce, egg and soybean cake


The movement has brought positive responses from medical workers and volunteers who appreciate the generosity of a number of individuals and corporate donors. “Untuk Indonesia” has been receiving lots of requests for similar programs to be implemented in many more Indonesian cities.


Building on the experience of fund raising, preparing and distributing a variety of healthy home-cooked meals, “Untuk Indonesia” is requesting assistance from donors in terms of cash donations or food ingredients to expand its activities in selected hospitals all over Indonesia.

The activities proposed is a powerful opportunity to help maintain the health and boost the strengths of medical workers and volunteers in Indonesia, during the pandemic, hence Covid-19 patients will be handled accordingly.

By contributing to "Untuk Indonesia" donors will get the benefits of:

  1. Being recognized as a leading proponent to help address the health, economic, and social crises by emphasizing community collaborations.
  2. Leveraging the passions of global networks to address sustainable development goals where no one is left behind
  3. Encouraging young people to be in the forefront of the movement to help fellow human beings and to gain comprehensive knowledge about the relationship between nature preservation and health issues, while becoming agents of change

Physician in a health center enjoying healthy one-dish meal with fruit juice


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