Lift to the Future

Ece Berkyurek • 15 March 2022

According to official statistics, nine of ten young people aged 16 to 25 have troubles choosing their further professional path. More than half of senior students hesitate in their choice. Only 40% of graduates manage to get employed according to the specialisation they brought in a university. “Lift to the future” announces its main aim to help high school students determine their future professional track, choose a profiled university or start a career according to professional goals. National Agency for Development of Qualifications and all-Russian research centre conclude that at the beginning of 2020, the main problem of employers was a lack of post-graduated candidates, including the most-needed engineers and digital specialists who can meet the qualification criteria. At the same time, employers demand soft-skilled candidates who are team-players, have MS Office knowledge and presentation skills. The project allows for improving the necessary skills and reduces the employers’ time and resources for adaptation and training of newcomers.

Implementation of the Project/Activity

We set the goal to create a platform that allows graduates and young professionals to get an idea of the modern labour market and qualification requirements and start their careers in our companies. Another target is to provide the corporation's assets with the opportunity to carry out high-quality selection through the use of a "digital profile" of a participant of the "Lift to the Future" program. The decision to create a digital platform was the response to expanding the «Lift to the Future» project; we wanted to provide access to high-quality training materials and career guidance to everyone. The idea to go online was born in June 2020. The concept and architecture of the project were developed by the beginning of September 2020. On November 18, 2020, we launched the platform. In seeking a solution, we first looked inside the corporation and found many original products for organising training used inside the corporation perimeter. We actively studied external solutions, as well. Realising that we will not find the end-product the way we saw it, we viewed every key in the context of adapting it to our tasks. While developing the concept of the online platform, we collected information about the problems of all stakeholders. Then, on this basis, the product functionality’s essential requirements were drawn up: forming a digital user profile, career guidance functionality, selecting candidates for internships, integration with market solutions used for recruiting management, and much more. The project was implemented by Sistema JSFC own team: MTS PJSC, Segezha Group, Medsi Group JSC, Binnopharm JSC, Element Group, Steppe Agroholding, Cosmos Hotel Group and other large companies operating in the regions of Russia. A large number of our employees also took part in the project as volunteers. The Charitable Foundation Sistema hired exterior contractors to design training or career guidance content (interactive videos, games, and much more). To evaluate the effectiveness, we use analytical services tracking users’ behaviour and assessing their interests are connected to the platform.


  1. Entered the top three educational projects according to the all-Russian business newspaper "Vedomosti" and secured a stable image of the system for "engineers of the future" training;
  2. Provided 40 organisations of supplementary education for school children in the scientific and technical field with targeted grants for the implementation of educational programs;
  3. Conducted project training for 2,000+ schoolchildren in field engineering schools;
  4. Brought together 500 fellowship students and 250 teachers - granted for the organization of project work;
  5. Held more than 70 competitions covering 46 regions of Russia;
  6. Carries the main image and semantic load of the Sistema CF as a charitable organisation improving modern education and the social sphere.

Since 2020, the program has connected an online format to train and internships at Sistema JSFC available throughout the country. At the moment, four months after the launch, more than 80,000 users have already registered on the platform. This number greatly exceeded the expectations of the project authors. The platform has more than 40 courses to enrich knowledge for subsequent successful work in the most relevant industries: from engineering to banking, agroindustry and others. All courses and programs are available on the portal free of charge. “Lift to the Future” materials can be freely used when organizing training, master classes, training events, meetings with job applicants, etc. In 2019 - 2020, the foundation opened five engineering classes in Kostroma and Rostov regions and Bashkortostan republic. We also launched 15 career counselling classes in the Arkhangelsk region and Udmurtia, Komi and Altai’s republics.

Enabling factors and constraints

The white-label approach allowed us to reduce the time for product development. Instead of 1-2 years of coding, the team launched the project during a few months with a small development team. Moreover, we reached the highest market evaluation by top-1 business media in Russia (RBC). Thus we claim our project as the most extensively growing EdTech project in Russia. We caught the wave of corporate HrTech innovation in Russia and became the first widely opened platform for young employees. The deep understanding of internal corporate needs allowed us to involve more than 20 HR partners from affiliates and subsidiaries. That provides the platform internal loyalty and 500+ vacancies affordable for young specialists at this first stage. The goal was to create an HR tech ecosystem that will guide students on the corporate ladder. Thanks to stakeholders, we made the project happen, and now it represents career and educational opportunities for everyone widely.

Sustainability and replicability

We plan to scale the project:

  1. At schools by providing the teachers with information about vocational guidance methodology. In January we started the program with 150 schools, and now we've received 4500 applications from schools all over the country
  2. We share the content with universities career centres for free to master the preparation of the students
  3. New courses launch is planned about different professions
  4. The budget for the following year is 65% more than the previous one.