Scaling Innovations Nationwide

Content Manager • 1 January 2019

      All of our SDG-related efforts aim to achieve far-reaching, long-lasting impact. We look to high and local governments to build development friendly laws, policies and practices. We look to government ministries, governors, local representatives, philanthropy, private sector actors, and civil society organizations to work collectively at scaling innovations

      Our Innovation Awards model involves five critical components: 1) convening and engaging multi-sector stakeholders; 2) facilitating workshops to help incubate system-thinking approaches; 3) sourcing and selecting innovation-winners; 4) awarding grants, and 5) monitoring project implementation and advocating for upscaling.

      To date, we have successfully implemented 8 pilot initiatives to accelerate the impacts on Early Childhood Development in Kenya, Access to Universal Safe and Affordable Water in Ghana, and Well-Being of Children in Zambia. Together, these initiatives are expected to deliver positive change in the lives of 27,000 direct beneficiaries in the short run and 8.5 million Africans over 5-year period.

      For more information, please check dedicated case studies below:

Photo credit: UNDP