WINGSForum: Philanthropy and the New Economy

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Event date 20 May '21 GMT (UTC +0)

      The inherent flaws of old economic models are beginning to be exposed as humankind has a better understanding of environmental impact and growing social inequalities. Governments, companies and communities are beginning to embrace new ways to measure “progress” and a more evolved concept of “value.” Together we will explore how zero-sum thinking has become ingrained in our economic DNA, and discuss how to break through to a new multidimensional definition of progress that can become the new way forward. Our keynote speaker and expert panel will help us imagine which new economic models might serve society better, and what the role of philanthropy is in implementing them.


  • Explore the possibility of new economic models in the future, and situate philanthropy’s role in both imagining and executing these.
  • Question how we might start to reconceptualize how we think about “progress” and “value” in the philanthropic sector and beyond.
  • Examine the prospect of embracing the Green economy, new financing models, impact investing and social economy.


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