7th National Development Plan (2017-2021)

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Zambia recently launched Volume One of the 7th National Development Plan (7NDP) (2017-2021). The 7NDP is regarded as a building block that will spur progress to meet the goals contained in Vision 2030. The 7th National Development Plan (2017-2021) (7NDP) builds on the Revised Sixth National Development Plan (2013-2016). The new plan represents the Government’s first concerted effort to move away from sectoral-based planning towards an integrated and multi-sectoral approach, that embeds and encapsulates SDGs and their indicators. The broad theme of the plan is “accelerating development efforts towards Vision 2030 without leaving anyone behind” with the primary goal of “creating a diversified and resilient economy for sustained growth and socio-economic transformation, driven by, among other things, by agriculture.”

Using an integrated approach, the 7NDP has domesticated the SDGs, AU Agenda 2063, as well as the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan.

There are 5 pillars or strategic development areas contained within the plan including:

  1. Economic diversification & job creation
  2. Poverty & vulnerability reduction
  3. Reducing developmental inequalities
  4. Enhancing human development
  5. Creating a conducive governance environment for a diversified economy

These pillars are buttressed by development outcomes, strategies, and programmes, with key performance indicators, linked to the SDGs.